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Glorious Twelfth Essentials


Article written by 11 August 2016

The Glorious Twelfth is here! To kick start your season, we thought we would share our top ten essentials that would not go a miss (excuse the pun!) on the Grouse Moor! It’s’ very important that you are;

a) Comfortable
b) Protected
c) Inconspicuous

You must be comfortable; if you are not then this can ruin your day and potentially hinder your accuracy when shooting. By comfortable we mean, warm, dry, nothing too big or too small and suitable footwear.

Grouse shooting can be dangerous, so we strongly recommend that you are protected with hearing and most importantly eye protection at all times. Not only this, you need to be protected from the formidable winds and rain which unfortunately can “grace” a Grouse Moor during a drive if you’re unlucky. Nonetheless, a lightweight, waterproof (preferably with GORE-TEX®) shooting coat, with a properly designed back to aid movement will ensure you are kept dry throughout.

Finally, you must be inconspicuous. Grouse have impeccable eyesight and will steer clear of anything lightly or brightly coloured which do not blend with the natural colours of the moorland. To improve your chances of the Grouse flying over your butt, keep to greens and browns and certainly wear dark coloured shirts. Lastly remember your gloves, if you don’t, the Grouse may see your pastel hands and veer off the opposite direction!

So here it goes; our top ten essentials for Grouse Shooting:

1. Schöffel Ptarmigan Superlight Shooting Coat

MJC210 - Ptarmigan_Superlight_Coat_Forest
2. William Powell Tweed Shooting Vest

will-gun (1)

3. William Powell Chatsworth Tattersall Shirt


4. William Powell Tweed Breeks

MTB149 - WP Breeks Braemore - _MG_3630 (2)

5. William Powell Tweed Cap


6. Dents Royale Shooting Gloves


7. Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX Boots


8. BLOC Shadow Shooting Glasses


9. William Powell Supreme Ear Defenders


10. William Powell Leather Grouse Butt Marker

SA124 william powell Grouse Butt Marker

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