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Monsoon II Smock – £149.99
Ridgeline of New Zealand


Article written by 09 July 2012

This is the new Monsoon smock from Ridgeline of New Zealand. It is the latest in storm weather outerwear from the Southern Hemispheres best known wet weather brand.

Featuring a three layer waterproof/breathable and abrasion resistant seam sealed RL-TEXTM shell, adjustable waist clinch, adjustable double cuff system, fabric outer cuffs with internal neoprene cuffs to keep the water out and the warmth in. It also has a binocular chest pocket, new and improved hood, two zipped hip pockets and a further chest zip pocket.

These coats have been designed especially for the Kiwi hunters, who are different breed of hunter, used to disappearing off into the wild for days on end in pursuit of a roaring stag or big pig. They are certainly not hopping in to the Range Rover from drive to drive and with half a dozen coats in the boot! Their type of hunting requires some tough clothing and the Monsoon jacket is exactly that. I had the good fortune of wearing this coat whilst enjoying some hunting in Central North Island, New Zealand. It was an area of particularly high rainfall, nearly two metres a year which is enough to drown any man! While out on a moonlight pig hunt we had torrential rain from start to finish and to make matters worse, there were no pigs to be found. However the Monsoon jacket proved it’s worth as I was as dry as when I left the truck. Not even a bit of rain came through on the shoulders which can be a common fault with many so called ‘waterproof’ coats. The long length is also a bonus as if your hunting requires you to sit and wait for your game, you can comfortably sit down on the coat without having to wear waterproof trousers. It’s a hugely popular coat in NZ and due to its rugged and tough build quality, it doubles up for both farm and hunting wear.


  • Tough, rugged and very waterproof
  • Good long length
  • Large hood
  • Neoprene cuffs
  • Excellent value for money
  • All round quality product


  • Not the most breathable coat so it can be a bit too warm in mild weather or when hill walking etc.
  • Slightly small hip pockets

In my opinion this coat is fantastic value for money at half the price of similar waterproof coats on the market. It’s tough, very waterproof and versatile and a coat that will last a long time with all round use. It’s great for keepers, stalkers, famers and anybody who wants an inexpensive all weather coat. You will struggle to find any other coat of this quality for the price. The Roar jacket is very similar but has a full length zip and larger hip pockets.

Overall Score




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