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IWA Show – Nuremberg 2016


Article written by 16 March 2016

ergIWA is one of the two biggest trade-only Shooting Shows in the world; the other is the SHOT Show in America, but IWA is the Show for Europe. It is held in Nuremberg (famous for the War Crime Trials) and took place between March 4th and 7th 2016 in Nuremberg. It is an extraordinary event with 1380 trade stands spread over 9 Exhibition halls. About 42,000 trade visitors from 121 countries attend over the four days and this year there were 67 UK-based companies exhibiting including, Eley, Gamebore, Parker Hale, Croots and Alan Paine.

Just walking around the show is absolutely exhausting, not least because with stands lining every walkway (which are pretty narrow) there are some stands/products which are of genuine interest. There are also a mass of potential buyers often walking in the wrong direction or walking in the right direction but very slowly peering at the stands! Whilst much of what is for sale would not appeal to the UK shooting market, learning to spot potentially interesting new products, whilst avoiding being barged aside by often immaculately dressed Bavarians in Lederhosen with parts of a badger sticking out of their hat, is a very acquired skill and sadly not one your journalist has!

Relatively few of the English Retail Gun trade visit IWA. William Powell does, looking to try and find new products which may be of interest to its customers. Nuremberg is a difficult city to get to (one flight a day from Stanstead) and most of the main European manufacturers now have UK distributors, which are far easier to visit. However, it is to try and find a product which is not yet being sold in the UK and indeed may have no representation beyond the Manufacturer, which makes attending the IWA Show worthwhile. This year, we spent quite a bit of time looking at Guns (inevitably!) as well as wellingtons, new “concealed” shooting ear defenders and the obviously, clothing. Overall, we felt it was a worthwhile Show to attend so look out for new products on offer in our Showroom, Catalogue and Website in Autumn 2016.

Here are some of our snaps from the show…









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