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Article written by 15 August 2013

Shooting is a prestigious sport enjoyed by both men and women in Britain. Shooting, whether it be shooting game birds or shooting clay pigeons is a vastly popular sport. In recent times I have noticed an increased level of interest from female shooters throughout the UK. Women naturally tend to present themselves in a stylish manner, however practicality and safety is also fundamental on shoot days. Field day attire is conventionally smart and I have found that this usually encompasses tweed or similar. For ease of gun handling and accuracy, I would recommend limited layers of clothing around the shoulder region. This allows for improved precision of gun positioning and therefore helps the recoil experienced to be as comfortable as possible. I would recommend The Laksen Ladies Dee Shooting Vest when handling guns, it allows a full range of movement as well as being fairly lightweight. The garment is a fashionable tweed vest with a feminine cut that any lady shooter would look stylish in. Its deep cartridge pockets provide convenient gun reloading. The Amarretta shoulder patches offer a smooth and protective layer that allows for an easy mount and may reduce felt recoil. I find some lady shooters experience bruising on the shoulder from recoil, primarily as a consequence of a bra strap. I recommend that a strapless bra is worn, alternatively at William Powell we offer a Musto D30 Recoil Pad or a Past Men’s & Women’s Recoil Pad. These may be worn discretely under your garments but help to protect your shoulder from potential recoil bruising.

Game shooting in Britain is predominantly an Autumn and Winter sport and these months can prove somewhat chilly, (except for the Glorious Grouse season which commences on August the 12th). It’s important that ladies wear garments that will keep them warm and dry, especially if there’s a long wait between drives. The Laksen Vest previously mentioned would be tastefully paired with a Schoffel Oxford Cotton Shirt. This shirt is smartly tailored with a stripe design, cuff trim lining and 100% cotton. I personally think that the pink shirt in particular would elegantly complement the colours in the Laksen Shooting Vest. As a keen shot and from personal experience, a warm and waterproof field coat should always be within reach when out in the field. Here at William Powell we offer the Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Coat that is a perfect waterproof coat, with GORE-TEX® insulating technology. This lightweight coat is comfortable to wear without compromising a stylish field look for all ladies. Alternatively, I would propose the Barbour Ladies Sporting Cotterdale 3 in 1, a fashionable jacket for all types of shoot days or events. The jacket and waistcoat can be worn as one or individually giving you ladies the choice! Its GORE-TEX® technology provides dryness and warmth whilst still remaining breathable and lightweight. I find its practical cartridge pockets (with useful buttoning to keep the pocket open if required), makes this jacket a ladies must have – and it’s wind proof!

To compliment the attire previously mentioned, practical yet smart leg wear should be worn. I believe a pair of Musto Sporting Moleskin Breeks fits the bill perfectly! These moleskin breeks are a popular ladies choice in very cold or damp conditions, proving sturdy yet comfortable. Paired in my opinion with the Schoffel Stapleford Stitch Socks designed for comfort and durability, provides ladies with the fashionable field appearance.

Boot choice is important for an enjoyable and comfortable shoot day, which may require extended hours spent standing or walking. One of William Powell’s best sellers, the versatile Dubarry Galway Boot is a boot I would highly recommend. The Galway Boot is waterproof, breathable and proves to be elegant with its crushed leathers and top ties. The tread on these boots are sturdy and provides ample grip in slippery or wet conditions. I would consider this a factor of priority when choosing suitable boots to be used when gun handling. I would also advise for added warmth and comfort, that the Dubarry Boot Liners are worn with ladies boots. Not only are they fashionable they provide a cushion for tired feet which trust me, you will be grateful for!

Safety is vital in the sport of shooting. Clay shards, cartridge led or even twigs may fall from a considerable height. However I know for ladies it’s important for safety not to be detrimental to a good look! The Barbour Thornton Cap is a fashionable tweed cap which provides some head and face protection. Alternatively, I own the Toggi Swagman Bush Hat with a wide rim providing ultimate head protection and dryness. Eye protection is paramount where gun handling and shooting is concerned. The BLOC® Shooting glasses are a best seller, providing ladies with chief eye protection. These sleek black glasses wouldn’t detract from any choice of ladies field attire! Where guns are concerned ear protection is essential, the William Powell Supreme Ear Defenders provide top class ear protection with the use of electronic technology.

It’s also very customary for women to accessorise their outfits, there is no reason for this not to be the case on the shooting field! The Dents Ladies Lined Suede Gloves complement any field attire and are perfect for keeping hands warm. Warm hands are vital when accurate gun handling is required, helping to prevent missed shots or unintentional trigger pulls due to shivering hands! To add sophistication and finesse to a ladies outfit, simply add a Dents Silk Headscarf. A headscarf will neatly tie back any misplaced hair that may block a shooters vision. The Dents Headscarf will also help to keep ears and neck warm and protected from wind and rain.

After an enjoyable days shooting, it’s quite typical for a social afterwards! It tends to be that ladies may change from their al fresco outfits into evening wear. The Dubarry Yarrow Short Bound Jacket is a real head turner due to its Ottoman braid piping and antiqued metal buttons. I suggest pairing this jacket with the Dubarry Fern Skirt, which is knee length to portray a body sculpturing fit that is extremely elegant. Finish the look with a chic Thyme Cap Sleeve Ruffle Shirt from Dubarry, with the Chatham Marine Ladies Deck Shoes or your favourite party heels!

All of the items mentioned in this article are stocked by William Powell, if any of you lovely ladies have any queries or questions regarding shoot wear or equipment I am more than happy to offer some female advice. If you are also seeking advice on how to get into shooting as a sport, this may be something William Powell can help you with. Feel free to contact me by email tiffany@williampowell.com or any of the team on 01295 701 701.

Tiffany Lees

Tiffany, a keen shot recently joined William Powell for her third year of a business degree as work placement. Tiffany began shooting 4 years ago, she started by getting involved at Warwickshire College which led to Tiff applying for her .. Read more.

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