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Shooting under threat in our National Parks


Article written by 27 March 2016

A recent survey which has been organised by The Campaign for National Parks (CNP) is asking the question whether shooting is compatible with our National Parks and therefore should occur in them.

Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, is urging people who understand and appreciate the value of shooting to respond to this survey as soon as possible.  To do this you need to please complete this survey Click Here.

A good deal of shooting occurs in National Parks all over the country and it would be absolutely catastrophic if for any reason, shooting was deemed to be incompatible with National Parks.  The fact that the question is even being raised by the Campaign for National Parks (CNP) is extraordinary and shows their ignorance of what goes on in our National Parks.  It is really important as Tim Bonner says, that we educate them by completing this online survey. 

PACE Consultants went to considerable lengths to show the economic, environmental and social benefits of shooting sports in their 2014 Study “The Value of Shooting”.  Furthermore, Exmoor National Park which is very much part of what the CNP does demonstrated in its own research into Game shooting that it generated £18M annually for the local Exmoor economy, producing income for farmers, guest houses, hotels, pubs etc.  Much of this revenue was gained at times of the year where tourists would not otherwise be in the National Park. 

To quote Tim Bonner:-

                “To highlight shooting as something to ban in National Parks, rather than something to celebrate, therefore betrays the people and wildlife that it supports. The Countryside Alliance supports the CNP’s aims of protecting and promoting National Parks, but isolating a significant proportion of those who live and work in them is not the way to go about it.”

Please have your say and support the shooting industry and our rural communities by completing this survey, which can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/cnp80yrs


Thank you!

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