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Article written by 18 October 2012
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In an industry that supports the equivalent of 70,000 full-time jobs*, the shooting industry should clearly not be overlooked when it comes to full time career opportunities. In this week’s issue we take a look at the role of ‘Sporting Agent’.

In today’s shooting world, the role of ‘Sporting Agent is one sought after by many. Often enticed by the obvious perks of the job; the days loading and shooting in spectacular scenery and seldom sparing a minute to think about the early starts, long days and hours of driving up and down the country, budding Sporting Agents should be realistic about what’s involved.

William Powell Sporting Agent, Mathew Latchford knows all about the challenges that come with such a desirable career path, “I’m passionate about my job and could certainly be categorised as one that lives to work. However, people don’t see what goes on behind the scene;  the challenges that come with making sure every shoot day goes without a hitch –  everyone thinks that shoot days just happen but it takes a lot of planning and organising.

It is the attention to detail that makes the difference between yourself and others – the ability to obtain information early regarding numbers for lunch, cartridges needed, directions etc.

My car is always loaded with spare guns, cartridges, cartridge bags and the like. If someone’s gun breaks or they run out of cartridges, being able to lend a hand will stick in their memory and they will hopefully come back to you when they want to book another day.

This organisation does not come easily and the long, long hours of driving from shoot to shoot in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning is not always easy. Only the other day I was up at 1.30am to drive 4 and half hours to meet a team. We cannot afford under any circumstances to be late for a team of guns.

In the past week alone, I have driven over 3,000 miles attending 6 shoot days from Scotland to Sussex and Yorkshire to the West Country. It is all about self motivation”.

But at the end of the day, nothing outweighs the challenges of such a demanding job as the feedback given by happy and satisfied clients:

“Thank you for organising an exceptional day’s shooting for me and my guests last Wednesday. There was nothing that could have been improved upon- apart from our shooting!

The hotel was well chosen for the night before, the countryside was beautiful and we were blessed with decent weather. Our host and his keeper are clearly proud of and have great affection for their shoot and they organised a series of excellent drives with birds that flew as strongly as you always hope they will! It was also a treat to be so well looked after in terms of food and drink. In every respect it was a day which exceeded my expectations- Thank you. I feel sure I will want to repeat the experience next year.” T.K, London

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Matching clients with suitable estates which will exceed their expectations within their given parameters
  • Organise shooting requirements
  • Find exciting ‘New’ shoots
  • Ensure every shoot day goes without a hitch
  • Supply a reliable, thoughtful and consistent service


  • Opportunities to visit outstanding properties and shooting estates
  • Clients all have a different story to tell and are extremely interesting people to spend time with
  • See the best the sporting world has to offer


  • You do not get a chance to shoot much yourself!
  • Long, long hours
  • A lot of driving and time spent away from home

Is this job for me?

To make a successful Sporting Agent you must:

  • Be prepared to work long hours
  • Have a real passion for the job – it’s not a 9-5, 5 day a week job!
  • Be prepared to live and breathe your work
  • Understand that  it’s not all about spending time on shoot days – there are many other aspects to the job which go on all the year round.

*taken from www.shootingfacts.co.uk

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