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Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
Part 3


Article written by 01 November 2012

Hello Readers,

I have now received three likes and 2 Tweets so some of you must be reading my greatest thoughts.   Thank you to all my loyal followers.

Here are more tails from the dog house.  Actually talking of dog house it is my mad owner who has been in the dog house recently when he walked through the kitchen with muddy boots and his wife certainly made sure he knew of his mistake!  Oh how Oak and I laughed behind our paws in the sanctuary of the utility room.  One of the few times I was glad to be there and not in the kitchen.

Anyway what else has been going on in my world?  Well, firstly, I have to apologise as when I wrote last time I said I thought I was being set up as a stooge for Oak’s training.  Well how things have changed.

Firstly, Oak went out early one day with our owner and did not come home until it was dark, he had never been away from me for so long.  Well, not since the corn on the cob incident when he spent three days at the vets but that is another story completely and I still protest my innocence in the whole messy episode.

When he came back from his long day out his nose had cuts on it, he was muddy and very tired.  Apparently he had been ‘picking up’ whatever that means, he said I would not understand and am far too young.  He could not wipe the smile off his face though so whatever it is I want some of it, and soon.

Back to the story, after using me as the stooge training with Oak my owner, who never seems to know what he is doing, has started to take me out on my own with a bag full of tennis balls and green dummies, or so he calls them.

He has been taking me to a big field and making me sit and stay still, never easy when there is so much evidence of rabbits at my feet, and then calling me to him.  Sometimes he calls me to him and sometimes he calls me and uses a whistle as well.  Each time we go out to the field the distance he leaves me has got further and just to show he does not know what he is doing he sometimes walks away from me, waits a few moments and then walks back to me.  All I have to do is sit there and he gives me a small treat, more evidence he is mad.

I also have to sit there while he walks around me, comes back, goes away and comes back again.  What does he take me for, my father was quite clever apparently, he had letters before his name so surely my owner realises that such simple tasks are a bit too easy.

Also, he has been doing some new things in the garden at home with me.  Much to the annoyance of Oak he takes me to a quiet part of the garden with a tennis ball and throws it out and I have to run and pick it up. Well, I don’t know if you have ever tasted tennis ball but it is a fine delicacy for a pup such as me so I was a bit reluctant to just give it back at first.  I tried running away from him but then he arranged it so that I could not get round him easily so I came back and he made a fuss of me, stroking my chin and ruff and then asked me to give him the ball.  He took the ball off me and then threw it again.  Sometimes now I go to the side of him and even go around him but he seems so pleased when I come back, sit in front and give the ball back.  He always gives me loads of fuss but strangely never a treat, you just never know what he is going to do next.   One day when we went to the field to do some more of what was frankly becoming a rather boring exercise we went to a corner of the field and he took out the tennis ball and threw it a little way.  Of course I rushed in and picked it up and thought “shall I run around with it or take it back” I couldn’t make up my mind so I did both and ran past him a little and then back round in front for some fuss.

He was so pleased. He then took me to where the ball had landed and put the ball in my mouth and with my lead around my neck and blowing his whistle gently encouraged me to him for a few paces back to where we had started.   He then threw the ball again, I went and picked it up and with a bit of encouragement from him, I like to keep him guessing, took it and gave it back.  Loads of fuss later and I have a happy owner who he took me home for my tea and a sleep.

Not much more been happening to write about now but I hear whispers of going with my owner to one of his friends for some training soon, so watch out for my next contribution.

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