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Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
Part 2


Article written by 18 October 2012
Ted the Gundog

Hello everyone, Ted here again with tales of my adventures since I last wrote for you.

I have to say I am becoming rather confused and can’t help but think that I am being used.  Recently my owner has been making me really behave myself in certain situations when I am out with my brother Oak, which I find takes all the fun out of being a puppy.

For example, when out for a walk we usually have to go through a gap in a fence into the field while my owner climbs over a stile.   It is always so tedious; he makes me and Oak sit and wait, while he climbs over before calling us through.

I used to love trying to push through first, even though my owner had tied my lead to the fence (never could understand why he did that?) and get there before Oak who was usually so boring and sitting there like an angel.   All I want to do is run around and play so getting into the field first is important because it means I get to all the best sniffs before Oak.

Well it is all very strange as my mad owner has started making us sit and if either of us moves through into the field without being told to we are taken back to where we were sitting and we start all over again.  Some mornings if we are naughty it can take ages and doesn’t he know I am bursting at that time of the day!!

I heard him saying something the other day about when he is “working” two dogs they both need to know when he wants them to do something and when not to do something as another dog is working.   I haven’t got a clue what he is on about but it seems to make him happy.

So now he sits us, climbs over the stile and then sometimes he calls me through first, and then I have to sit while he calls Oak through and sometimes it is the other way around.  You never know what he is going to do next.  We have the same performance when we come out of the field but by then I am so puffed after having had a good run around I am, frankly,  glad to sit and get my breath back.   I have to say though that it is much less frantic going through the fence now as we are each beginning to know what we should be doing.  I am sure this will all make sense one day, there is so much to learn when you are a puppy!

Even around the house he will suddenly make us sit next to each other and call one of us to him while the other has to stay seated where they are.  I am getting to like this though as when we please him by doing what we are supposed to he gives us both a little biscuit, and after all that is what life is about for a Golden Retriever, making sure our stomachs are taken care of with lots of food.

Talking of food it is nearly dinner time, well only 30 minutes away, so time to start letting my owners know with a few friendly yaps that they should be filling our bowls.   I will let you know what other strange things my owner is up to soon.

Bye for now, Ted


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