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Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
Part 4


Article written by 29 November 2012

Hello again to all my followers and those who have just stumbled across my brilliant blog.

It is time to bring you up to date on the strange behaviours of my owner and what he has been up to since I last wrote.

The world is a very interesting place to a puppy and much bigger than I thought when I first arrived at my new owners in March.   It is a constant wonder as every day I discover more about what is out there beyond the gate.  Just as you think you have got everything worked out something new comes along.

Take this as an example.   I thought my role in life was just to have fun, playing with my brother and generally charging about at every opportunity.   When I was about 6 months,  my owner started taking me out of the garden each morning with my brother, Oak, when he went for his walk.  I discovered this big field where Oak and I could run about.  Sometimes Oak would run back to our owner and I would run along too and get my treat.  (Regular readers will know that my owner has an endless supply of these in his pocket).  There seemed to be this shrill sound when this happened and I have now been told by Oak that this is a whistle.

Sometimes Oak would walk alongside our owner but I would just run about and try and get him to play.  My owner would say “heel” and Oak would walk by his side… well most of the time.

I have to say that I could not see the sense of this.  Why, when there is a whole field to run around in, would you walk alongside your owner who, to be frank, is a bit slow and never seems to walk where I expect him to.  Every now and then, just as I was thinking he was walking in one direction, I would look across the field and see that he was walking away from me so I would have to run back and check he was OK, and had not run out of treats.

I asked Oak why he did this, but he just yawned and said I was too young but one day I might understand.

I have now decided my owner must really love me because recently it seems he cannot be separated from me and has started to get me to walk alongside him too..   Perhaps he is getting old and needs me to look after him. Maybe this is a promotion above Oak at last.

He gets me to sit next to him, says the word “heel” and I have to walk alongside him.  At first this was with my lead on.  After a few paces he would ask me to sit and I got a treat.  I have told you before how stupid he is; it is so simple to get him to give me treats. He gives me something easy to do and then I get a treat.  I have got him wrapped around my paw!!

After sitting he would say “heel” and we would do it again.   While I was doing this Oak was having a run around and seemed pleased not to have me chasing him.  Sometimes I just cannot work him out.

Then my owner started wrapping my lead around my neck so that I could “heel” next to him, then one day he took my lead off and I walked next to him when he said “heel”.  We do this 4 or 5 times and then I get the chance to run around again unless we are at the stile where go in and out of the field.  It was hard at first because I just wanted to run off and catch up Oak, but mainly I have resisted. It does seem to make my owner happy.

As I said my owner is sometimes a bit confused because he does not always walk in a straight line.  One day this week, just as we had started walking to heel, he turned right around and we went the other way.  Then he turned in the opposite direction and walked back where we came from.  Sometimes I think he has too much of the Damson Gin that Oak tells me he drinks on picking up days.  You should see us zig zagging all over the field.  I would be so embarrassed if anyone else came into the field and saw us!  Talk about ‘Dad dancing’!

Today, for the first time, my owner had both of us without our leads walking next to him right across the field back to the stile.  You should have seen his smile; you would have thought he had discovered a buried bone or something!   It is so nice though to see our owner happy because he can get a bit cross with us for the strangest things.  I mean what is wrong with chewing a chair leg?!  Wood is good for cleaning my teeth.

Talking of teeth, well mouth, it is tea time so must rush off and remind my owner.   Bye till my next masterpiece.

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