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Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
Part 1


Article written by 27 September 2012

Hello I am Ted, an eight month old Golden Retriever.  I have a half brother called Oak who is two and a very funny owner who does the strangest things.

For example when I was about five months he took me to a group therapy session with some other dogs.  I was the youngest there; the other four dogs were all nearly a year older than me!!

If I did the simplest things he gave me a little treat, usually a biscuit but sometimes cheese or my favourite chopped up frankfurter.  Well to be honest they are all my favourites, in fact any food is, and if I sat, or walked around next to him on the lead he gave me at treat.

What kind of idiot is that?  All I had to do was learn a new trick every week and I got treats all the way.   Well of course I soon did just as he asked, and he thought he was getting what he wanted when in reality I got what I wanted.  I have trained him really well.

Best of all was getting me to lie down.  I would lie down, he would give me a treat and then I would stand up and it would start all over again.  I could 10 treats in 5 minutes; it is lucky I am such a gutso and am never full up.

Here’s a strange thing though.   I am always as sick as a… well dog actually, when I go in the car and yet whenever I had the short journey home after a class, that is what my owner calls these sessions, I am never sick.  It must confuse the life out him.

Then he taught me to stand still.  He must think I am stupid as he gave me a treat for this too.   And then, wait for this, I had to go to the vets I think it is called, and the lady asked me to stand while they checked me all over, so I stood, easy peasy, and then she gave me a biscuit too.  It really is just too easy.  Still it seems to please all the humans my owner knows so why not go along with it, I get loads of treats and they give me things to do but to be honest I just cannot see what he gets out of it.  But hey ho a biscuits a biscuit.

Oak told me all about these sessions and what to expect.  I made some new friends and there were lots of other people like my owner giving out the treats, it was great fun.   Oak said “just do the trick and get the treat” it works every time you want a treat.   That’s the good thing about having an older brother.

Oak goes out with our owner and does tricks in a field and he gets treats for this as well.  Oak says he is being prepared for something called ‘picking up’ whatever that is as they go out together with a bag full of what the owner calls dummies, that’s what we call our owner haha, and Oak has to fetch them.   Then sometimes he gets a treat too, especially when he has done something really good apparently.  Recently he has gone out more often and even over to another human with a special place where they do lots of finding dummies and bringing them back.   Oak has to jump over fences and find dummies in the long grass.  My owner seems very pleased with Oak and Oak has a great time.

Last time we were there my owner and his friend took me into a little paddock and threw a tennis ball.  I chased after it and brought it back, well almost, I wandered around my owner a bit and then he stroked me under the chin and made a fuss of me.  He asked me to give it back so I did.  He then made me sit and then move to his side and sit.  Once I was there he waited a few moments and gave me a treat.

Well I am quite tired now after all this writing so will now have a sleep, well it is the middle of the afternoon and I have only had about 4 sleeps so far today.

I will write some more next month and tell you more about what I have trained my owner to do and any other adventures I have had.


Bye for now



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