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Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
Part 5


Article written by 20 December 2012

Seasons Greeting to all my readers.

I think there is something on my owners mind at the moment as he seems to be getting more tired and irritable with every day.

Oak says it is due to something called Christmas which has a really strange effect on humans.  He is not sure why but seems to think it is connected to all his human contacts running around with long lists and complaining they will never get everything done by Christmas.   They only seem to calm down when they pour large glasses of red or white liquid out of green bottles and drink it, which seems to be happening with increasing regularity at the moment I have to tell you.

Apparently, I had not been born last Christmas according to Oak so this is the first time I have seen their strange behaviour.   He told me it is very funny and best observed lying down pretending to be asleep and watching through a half open eye.   The fact that we are just lazing about seems to annoy the humans even more.

Oak told me to watch out as the humans have funny ideas about making us wear strange things at Christmas.  He showed me a picture of him with a red hat with white trimming and a velvet collar with bells.  He says it is very undignified and I am sure he will be mad when he finds out that I have put his picture on the website.











The days seem so short and I have not really got much training to tell you about as it is always dark when my owner has been around lately.   When we go out he is still making me walk next to him.  I never can tell when he is going to make me do this but it does not matter as I always get a treat.   It is very tempting doing this when Oak is running free but most of the time I have been really good.

In the absence of any proper training I decided to teach myself a new trick and I am happy to report that I can now stand on three legs.   I have seen Oak doing this so thought I would give it a try, he seems to do it at every bush he comes to.  It is pretty easy really but I don’t get a treat for doing it so I don’t think I will try any more tricks on my own, I will let my owner think he taught them to me.

One good thing Oaks says happens at Christmas is that we get a really special dinner with bits of white meat in amongst the biscuits and some lovely gravy.  I can’t wait as filling my tum is very important.  For example, I knew I had a really kind owner when he put a piece of carpet down on the cold tiles in the utility room recently and so, to show my appreciation, I started to eat it.  I cannot understand why he gets so upset every time I do this.   Humans are so strange at times, I am not sure I will ever work them out.

Not much more to tell you about at the moment so I will wish all my followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whatever that is.  (Oak told me to say it) and I will tell you more about my training next year.

Happy Christmas


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