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The Benefits of “Gunfit”


Article written by 26 July 2012

Having worked as a Professional shooting Instructor for the past 25 years, it has never ceased to amaze me how many people shoot with ill- fitting guns.

In the grand scheme of things, to have your gun professionally fitted by a trusted pro, is a small price to pay and will make such a difference to both your comfort and consistency as well as improve your confidence.

I have seen some incredible shots over the years, who have the ability to pick up any gun, whether it fits them or not and in doing so, fit themselves to the gun, rather than the preferred other way round! If these individuals go to the trouble of having their own guns professionally fitted, they then have a gun which fits like the proverbial “glove” and gives them the “edge,” they have always been striving for.

These few and far between individuals have one thing in common though, they know how to mount a gun consistently well onto a moving object through many “hours” of practice over the years. Having your gun/guns fitted is of help for both your comfort and ease of shooting,  but mark my words,” gunfit” is only of  truly “great” help, once you have mastered the art of “gunmounting”.

If you haven’t ever thought of having the fit of your gun/s checked, why not give it a try, you may be quietly surprised with the out come as well as piece of mind.

Good luck with your shooting.

To watch the William Powell Gun Fitting Day at Hexton Estate Click Here

Simon Ward

Occupation. Professional Shooting Instructor and Specialist Gunfitter for the last 25 years. Linked to Gamebore Cartridge Company ltd, as Brand Ambassador and development adviser, to the Blackgold range of, high performance game car.. Read more.

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