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Tips for Shooting High Pheasants


Article written by 08 October 2014

With 24 years of shooting experience and being renowned worldwide as one of the best Game Shots of all time, Simon Ward shares some of his tips for shooting high pheasants…

  1. Book in a shooting session or two at your local shooting school to practice shooting high birds by using the high towers before the day  –  blow out the cobwebs!
  2. Never shoot into banks when stood in valleys or woody areas – safety is paramount
  3. Take suitable ammunition for the type of birds you will expect to see. Consider shot and load size for task ahead – No.5 or No.4 shot size are recommended for high pheasants, either provide more defined kills
  4. Read the line of your chosen bird and position feet where you plan to kill that bird – foot positioning is really important to help keep our body supple which in turn helps to keep your gun moving through the line
  5. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your shot, patiently let the bird enter the window of opportunity and then lock onto that bird
  6. Take your shot when the picture looks good, continue the movement of the gun after the shot has been taken, keeping your cheek glued on the stock until bird starts to fall

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