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W. H. Smith’s Extraordinary Decision


Article written by 19 October 2012

W. H. Smith has responded to a campaign by animal rights group Animal Aid, and have put in place an arbitrary ban on sales of shooting magazines to people under 14 years old.  This is despite the fact that young people under 14 can possess a Shotgun Certificate, let alone shoot!

As BASC and others have said, how bizarre is it that a young shot cannot when they are under 14 buy Shooting Times but can buy a military magazine?  Similarly you have to be over 17 years old to drive a car, but you can buy a car magazine at any age.

If you disagree with this stance which is illogical, please add your  voice to this protest by supporting an on-line petition on http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/whsmiths-retract-policy-on-sale-of-shooting-magazines and write to W. H. Smith’s Chairman Walker Boyd on customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk.

We need as many young people into our sport as possible and they are not going to be encouraged if they are unable to buy their favourite magazine.

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