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Article written by 18 July 2013

My fore fathers built the very finest shotguns and double rifles and their proud boast going back as far as the 1830’s was that “Our guns will last you a life time”. This they did and still are lasting two or even three shooting lifetimes. We regularly service our guns that are 120 and even 150 years old !

Many of us still use these fine guns that have changed little in design since the 1880’s i.e. best quality hammerless sidelock ejector double barrel shotguns with fine handling qualities and graceful lines.


There is always a but to spoil so many things in life that we enjoy! Sorry BUT many of these fine old guns that we still use are getting very “long in the tooth” and we cannot and indeed should not expect them to a) Perform 100% and b) to cope with the loads that we all tend to use these days i.e. these fine old guns were developed and made to handle 1oz/28g loads albeit they were proof tested for up to 1 1/8 oz/ 32g oz loads but these old cartridges used softer slower burning powders compared to today’s highly explosive loads that many of us tend to use – 32g – 34g – 36g and right up to over 40g!

The costs of repairing these fine old guns gets more and more expensive every year and of course repairs to such elderly guns cannot be guaranteed.

Enter The William Powell “Continental” range of fine hand made side by side shotguns which whilst being made to our time honoured hand made model they are made to handle well but built to withstand the modern loads. We are extremely proud of this new range of guns which we have been working on since 1984 when we first launched a William Powell gun made to our specification in Italy as opposed to building in our Birmingham factory. Reliability and price being the main driving force to produce quality guns which handle and look like and handle like a true William Powell but at an affordable price.

We have developed six guns in our side by side range and all have a Five Year William Powell Guarantee. Prices start at just £3,250.00 for our entry level “Marquis” and move upwards through to £11,950.00 for our best grade self opening sidelock “The Zenith”. All guns are available ex stock and we cover .410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 bore.

William Powell Zenith

William Powell Zenith











We offer a gun fitting service and can build any of our models to order at no extra costs. Deliveries range from just three to six months.

We invite you to visit us at our Banbury showroom Monday through Saturday 09.00 until 17.30 OR at this years Game Fair at Ragley Hall where you can examine and handle our full range including our four Over & Under models which range from just £1,795.00 to £10,750.00.

Plase call our Gunroom on 01295 701 701 and talk to our Gunroom Manager Mr Rick Bond.

Peter Powell

I am the fifth generation of the William Powell Gunmaking Company which was founded by my great, great Grandfather in 1802. I started with the firm in 1968. I have been on the board of The Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House since 1974, bei.. Read more.

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