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William Powell Over & Under

William Powell Continental Over & Under Shotguns

In 2008, we decided that the William Powell range of Continental shotguns was incomplete without a choice of Over and Unders. Our problem was in finding a maker of Over and Unders whose guns were just as good as our Side by Sides and who would be prepared to work with us to build guns specifically for the English market. Led by Peter Powell, our team spent some considerable time looking at gunmakers in Spain and Italy. After extensive research we formed an alliance with Batista Rizzini from Gardone, the centre of the Italian gun trade. Batista Rizzini & Co. is a family business employing 40 people but with  Mr Rizzini senior, his son Giuseppe and two daughters, Moira and Pamela all involved in the business. They have a fabulous factory set in this historic gun-making town, where they produce a wonderful range of high quality shotguns. They are also  partners in Rizzini & Tanfoglio Gun & Rifle Makers which is one of Italy’s most prestigious gun-making firms building only a small number of handmade guns a year.

The Rizzini family certainly understand what goes into making a great gun and we are delighted to have developed our four models of Over and Unders with them.

The entry level, ever popular, Perdix model. This side plated Over and Under features, as the name suggests, beautiful inflight partridge engraving. With a solid top and mid rib as standard, this gun effortlessly swings through the air. Full bespoke options are available on this model as a surcharge.

Our mid-range over and under is The Phoenix which is a round-bodied shotgun in 12, 16 and 20 bores with 28”, 29” or 30” barrels. They are beautifully hand-engraved in a deep scroll.

Our premier Over and Under shotgun is The Pegasus, which is a truly stunning gun with imaginatively hand-engraved side plates in the very best bouquet and scroll style.

The William Powell Continental Over and Unders have the reliability that we have come to expect of Italian made guns and yet they are truly individualistic – there are not thousands of them elsewhere in the world as is the case with guns from the high volume makers. As a result, the resale value of the William Powell Continental Over and Unders tends to be significantly higher than their mass produced counterparts. We carry in stock examples of each model, but guns can be custom built to suit an owner’s requirements with the usual delivery time of eight months or less. Again the William Powell Continental Over and Unders can be purchased as singles or pairs and all our guns (whether Side by Sides or Over and Unders) carry a five year warranty against mechanical defects. Special engraving and Teague chokes are also available.

All of our shotguns are available fully bespoke to the client’s requirements. Please call our gunroom on 01295 701 701 to discuss options. We do advise that bespoke guns typically take 6 – 8 months from deposit to completion. However, due to the complex and unique nature of our guns, this can sometimes take longer. However, we believe the wait is certainly worth it, to have a gun that is entirely suited to you for a lifetime.