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William Powell Side By Side

William Powell Continental Side by Side Shotguns

The William Powell Continental range, has six models of Side by Sides; all sidelocks and all hand built. All of these guns are built on the same quality actions and are made of very high quality components. However, there is a significant difference in price.

The Marquis is our new entry level model which we believe offers the best quality at the lowest price on the UK market.

The Juvenis has been developed for our young beginners, who need to learn game shooting using a small, light  double barrel .410. This is the only gun with this specification and at this price on the market.

The Monarch, which is currently our best selling gun, follows on from the Marquis.

The Eclipse, is our elegant round bodied gun.

Finally, our top of the range, as it’s name suggests, is the Zenith. The difference in pricing does not reflect the difference in the quality of components that goes into the guns, but only the detail of engraving, the grain in the stock and the enormous amount of hand finishing.

Mechanically the guns are much the same but the Juvenis, Marquis, Monarch and Eclipse models are built on a 5 pin action, whilst the Linhope and Zenith are a 7 pin (the best) action. The Linhope, which is our high bird gun, is capable of shooting very heavy cartridges. The ideal gun for the pheasant or partridge shot who wants a heavier Side by Side to shoot very high birds with. Other than the Linhope and Juvenis models, each of the William Powell Continental Side by Sides is available as 12, 16, 20, 28 or as a .410. They come as single guns or as pairs and barrel lengths of 28”, 29” or 30” are available.

Additional options include assisted opening, Teague chokes, exhibition grade walnut and specialist engraving including game scenes if required on all models. The top of the range Zenith comes with assisted opening action as standard.

All of these models are usually available ‘off the shelf’ in our Gunroom but can also be made to measure with a delivery of six months or less. We believe that these are amongst the finest Side by Side shotguns made today, but at a fraction of the price of English guns, which reflects the scale of Arrieta's gun making operation (about 450 guns a year) and their significantly lower production costs. These are hand made guns which handle superbly. In addition, they carry the name of a very respected English gunmaking firm so have the added benefit of retaining their value better than many comparable guns. They are an ideal purchase for those looking for consistently reliable guns at an affordable price and yet with the handling qualities seldom found in overseas made Side by Sides.

Arrieta's pedigree dates back to shooting wild partridges in Spain’s foothills, where fast handling guns are essential. Still a family business run by the grandsons of the original founder, Arrieta have made guns for the King of Spain as well as for many English and Continental sportsmen for over 80 years. They have 15 gunmakers working in their factory and are regarded as perhaps Spain’s best gunmaker.