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What is BR2?   

BR2 is a MUSTO waterproof rating for fabric that delivers complete protection in torrential downpour over a prolonged period of time so you stay dry outdoors.

All of our waterproof fabrics are tested and rated for waterproofness after a minimum of 5 wash cycles to ensure they are storm proof, even after you have worn and washed them several times.

Waterproofness is determined with a measurement called a hydrostatic waterhead. This is measured by placing a tube over fabric and pulled tight. The tube is then filled with water until water begins to leak through the fabric after a 24 hour period. The height of the water column, in millimetres, is the hydrostatic waterhead measurement.

Even after the fabric has been washed 5 times, BR2 has a minimum hydrostatic waterhead of 10,000mm and up to 15,000mm. This is a significantly higher waterproof rating than the industry minimum of 1,500mm, and also accommodates for the change in performance when fabric movement and wind is introduced.

Fabrics with a BR2 rating are also breathable to keep you dry and comfortable. 7,000g of moisture passes through the fabric over 24 hours in a controlled test environment, giving it a breathability rating of 7,000g/24hrs.

Watch the video below to discover how the waterproof rating of hydrostatic waterhead is measured.

What are the benefits of BR2?

The fully seam taped construction of MUSTO BR2 rated garments ensures you stay dry and comfortable even in torrential
rain so you can enjoy the outdoors in any weather.



Completely waterproof in torrential rain

Fully taped seams